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Open GI has been Adrian Flux Insurance Services’ (Adrian Flux) preferred technology partner since 2017, and during this time a strong, collaborative partnership has formed. Prior to this, Adrian Flux was supported by software house TGSL (who were later acquired by Open GI), utilising the broking platform called ‘V’.

Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance provider. It consists of three main brands, but that number rises to 10 with the inclusion of several white label motorcycle brands. With a presence on all the main aggregators for car, bike, and van insurance, most of its business is transacted via its dedicated call centre.

Open GI’s platform powers this aspect of Adrian Flux’s business. Both the scalability of the software and its supportive architecture has enabled the company to deploy over 1,250 call centre users on a single instance of the solution. This is in addition to the platform also supporting aggregator links for six separate business classes, multiple integrations with value added partners, and the company’s direct web-based solution, all in real time.

Business priorities and challenges

Like many insurance companies, Adrian Flux’s biggest challenge is remaining competitive. As such, it has always looked to adopt new technology and find innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition so it can react quickly to market changes. But, there are other challenges too such as discovering ways to get into new markets, increasing exposure of products with broader distribution channels, detecting fraudulent activity, and being able to improve loss claim ratios.

Strong technology support

Open GI’s technical architecture is powered by the latest cloud technology available in today’s marketplace. It has enabled the business to continually scale its operations to meet market demand and will future proof Adrian Flux’s ongoing business needs.

Complete product rate autonomy

Using Open GI’s Rating solution has meant that Adrian Flux is free from reliance on software houses and has complete autonomy over its own products. Adrian Flux no longer has to wait six weeks to make product rate updates – it can now do these changes instantly when the business needs to react decisively to market changes, which is important for its 400 live schemes.

Access to real-time reporting also means Adrian Flux has all the information it needs instantly to hand, empowering the company to make much more informed business decisions. It can quickly spot when changes need to be made to keep its products competitive.

Open GI’s Rating solution has also allowed Adrian Flux to integrate easily with all aggregators, and with other systems too, giving it a wider market footprint. Adrian Flux can discover new markets and opportunities, and generally maximise its own distribution and business potential.

“Ratings is a cutting-edge software product, which we believe can help us sustain a competitive advantage in a fast evolving and ever demanding market. It gives us much more agility around pricing and product distribution so we can act like a direct writer and change rates in real time, which we believe helps us operate more efficiently.”
Gerry Bucke, Underwriting, Sales and Marketing Manager, Adrian Flux Group

Harnessing the power of machine learning

Working with Open GI’s machine learning specialist, Machine Learning Programs, Adrian Flux has benefitted tremendously from a new innovative service, Propensity to Claim. The model, which utilises machine learning insights on risk selection, has initially improved Adrian Flux’s loss ratio by 4% and generated £1 million plus in cost savings on claims.

Propensity to Claim was delivered through Open GI’s Rating solution. Machine Learning Programs who delivered the service, trained the model over millions of records and processed 3,000 quotes per minute to produce the remarkable results for the insurance provider.

Moving forward, Adrian Flux has now moved on to apply Machine Learning Programs’ other business focused solutions to fraud, pricing, commercial vehicle, and bike to its product set.

Greater efficiency

Flexibility is an important factor for any software used by Adrian Flux. Its current OGI solutions have brought that flexibility and with it, greater efficiency throughout the business.

“We looked into many different options and found the perfect solution with Open GI. We have found its software extremely user friendly and efficient, and it gives us the added flexibility in a constantly evolving and demanding market. Our PAS and Ratings systems are totally flexible, have been configured to our exact requirements and have become an integral part of our business.”
Gerry Bucke, Underwriting, Sales and Marketing Manager, Adrian Flux Group
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