Intelligent Insurance

Intelligent Insurance specialise in home insurance for non-standard and typically ‘hard to insure’ properties. The broker uses a diverse panel of insurers, along with a variety of custom built schemes to offer competitive rates across a broad spectrum of risk types, both online and over the phone.

Intelligent selected Open GI’s Version 6 system in 2014, trading both offline and online via a dedicated website and aggregators. Since then the business has grown exponentially and has launched several new products.

“I cannot praise Open GI’s technical underwriting department enough for the quantity and quality of their work for this release and the support and communication they have given both us and Midas during this time. Credit where credit is due!”

Donna Swift, Product Director, Intelligent Insurance

“Our latest release contained a significant number of changes and the delivery by the Open GI team has been absolutely brilliant. The quality of the release we received for testing was not only better than anything I have ever received as a first delivery before (even allowing for the fact these are probably some of the most complex rules we’ve ever implemented in a scheme!) but the release was ready early. The frequency of communication was exceptional and the speed of turnaround on errors reported and the quality of the error fixes was astounding!”

Donna Swift, Product Director, Intelligent Insurance
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