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Mark Rothery, Group Managing Director for The Islands Insurance Group, talks to us about why they chose Open GI (OGI) to help them take the next stages of their digital journey.

Looking for the best software platform to support company goals and to lay the foundations for future ambitions, The Islands Insurance Group (Islands) selected OGI as their preferred technology partner. Over the last two years, the partnership has grown from strength to strength, with Islands going live with OGI’s latest broking platform in 2021.

Based in the Channel Islands, Islands specialises in a number of business lines including motor, SME, and marine in addition to offering professional support and advice to its customers. The team behind the Group have a wealth of over 40 years’ insurance experience.

“We wanted to work with a technology partner who listened to us.”

When we started our digital journey, we knew we wanted to modernise The Islands Insurance Group (Islands). Not only to support our company goals but to serve the needs of our customers in the Channel Islands.

The lion’s share for Islands is personal lines insurance, and we process around 80,000 policies alone for just that area. Together with our high-net-worth policies, and the fact that we pay our own claims to customers, meant the technology we had didn’t really provide us with the right foundations for changing our customer approach or the future – in fact, it was slowing us down.

Looking back at the fact we printed out 30 pages of documentation and posted this out to each customer, at renewal, was so time-intensive and unfriendly to our environment. In particular for the Channel Islands, reducing our carbon footprint is significant, and we want to ensure we do everything possible to support that. Being a good corporate citizen to the Channel Islands really matters to us.

Our company goals, our digital journey, and our pledge to support our local community are central to us. So, when it came to choosing a technology partner, we needed to ensure they would guide and support us, but also listen to our values to help us move forward as a business. OGI, with their expertise and people, were the right selection for us.

“OGI have supported us every step of the way and took time to listen and understand us.”

Mark Rothery, Islands Insurance Group

“Already we’ve benefitted by choosing Open GI.”

In a very short space of time, we have seen immediate efficiencies from Open GI’s software. All of the printing and paperwork has quickly become a thing of the past. Now we can easily email everything to our customers and process everything so much faster. Which means we can focus on offering dedicated advice and support when our customers need it the most – and make it easier to do business with us too.

Our claims handling has become much more agile. We are able to pay claims efficiently and collect direct debits all through one platform. To have everything in one place, easily accessible and stored in the cloud has made a difference to our claims processes.

Another tremendous benefit has been for our employees. One of our goals, as a business, is for Islands to be a great place to work. So, by ensuring our people have the right tools to do their job well has been a must for us. Now that we have the capability, it’s been so rewarding to see our teams happy.

The new Open GI software is easy to use, intuitive, and modern. Gone are the days of switching from screen to screen in order to get a simple task done. We can now focus, as a Group, on recruiting more talent into the business, offering a hybrid way of working, sharing knowledge about our products, and spending less time teaching new employees how to master complicated software. We have already saved ourselves months and days of broker software training since we moved onto OGI’s solution.

“With OGI’s software we are now able to get new employees up and running within a week, so we can focus on transferring vital product knowledge for our customers’ benefit.”

Mark Rothery, Islands Insurance Group

“Our refreshed digital journey has given us a clear vision for the future.”

Islands continuously drives forward to not only be sustainable, but to achieve profitable growth. The new technology from OGI helps underpin that objective. We have ambitious plans and, as a company, we want to grow beyond organic, which we now feel is achievable.

For us, our journey has been so beneficial and eye-opening in how digital can support us. We’re now able to improve our automated processes, serve customers better with high-quality documentation and explore the opportunities data holds for us.

And for me, one of the key aspects that any broker should invest in to take their digital journey further, is to tap into the data available. Our new platform allows us to do that. We can delve into customer analysis and look at trends, what works and what doesn’t to ensure, ultimately, we are on point with our products, service, and delivery for our Channel Islands customers.

We are so pleased with the strong partnership that has formed between Islands and OGI. At times, we’ve had our challenges, but we have remained on the same side, worked together, and delivered a strong digital trading journey for Islands.

“To have a solid partnership, you need a good supplier, and with their strong culture, Open GI have not only offered that but been instrumental in our future.”
Mark Rothery, Islands Insurance Group
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