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//A-Z Glossary of Products
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Below is a full list of our insurance software products. Click on a product to find out more:

A fully integrated quote, offer and acceptance comparative quote engine for add-on policies at point of sale for all business lines. Read more about the Add-on Marketplace.
A fully flexible and validated prospect data capture and storage system that uses a single, separate database for all prospect records. Read more about Advanced Prospect Management.
For businesses that require extra Back-Office resilience, this service brings you complete peace of mind. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, a second server will take over the workload, allowing your business to continue trading within minutes. You can find our more about Core High Availability here.
The complete office administration system for insurance brokers dealing with commercial and personal lines.
An advanced software suite that enables you to develop your own workflow – including automated document production and transaction creator.
A fully integrated service for making secure, fast and simple electronic payments by credit and debit cards. CreditLine Plus meets the latest PCI DSS compliance requirements. You can find out more about CreditLine Plus here.
One of the market-leading online quote and buy toolsets for motor, home, commercial vehicle and bike risks. Complete web design and integration ensures your brand has maximum online appeal. Find out more about eBroker for Personal Lines here.
An extended support service that allows you to outsource the administration of your IT system. Find out more about Enhanced Support Services and Additional Services here.
This solution backs up your Core Back-Office to a network repository, removing any manual intervention. Further configuration options include the ability to stream data to a secondary server. You can find more information about Express Backup here.
Automatically turns data gathered from external sources including the web and third-party mailing lists into new prospect records. You can find more information about Hosted InStream here.
A dedicated Java-based web service that enables broking applications to communicate using the industry-standard XML format. You can find more information about Hosted xStream here.
A powerful business intelligence tool that allows you to access a ‘living image’ of your business data through Microsoft SQL®, an industry-recognised format compatible with third-party data mining applications. You can find more information about InfoCentre Plus here.
Enables insurers to trade on a Full Cycle EDI basis by automatically processing inbound EDI messages. You can find more information about Insurer Administration System here.
A software solutions that allows you to attach any files, including Open GI and Microsoft® documents, to the prospect, client or policy record within the Core Back-Office. Find out more about Open Attach here.

Gives you the power to control the distribution process for your entire business from one central location, automatically converting Back-Office documents to PDF and providing all the tools necessary to manage multiple delivery queues.

Lets you email your clients to request outstanding documents which can then be uploaded via a secure, hosted portal with full integration to the Core Back-Office. Find out more about Open Document Download here.
A secure, branded and fully hosted web portal that brings substantial savings in printing and postage costs. Customers can access their documents 24/7. Find out more about Open Document Portal here.
A flexible user interface that enables system documents, including those generated by the EDI process, to be output in PDF format and distributed within the print queue. You can find out more about Open Print Manager here.
Allows you to invite customers to log on and renew their policies online, on a like-for-like basis, with their current insurer. Available for all product lines, Open Renewals Portal is fully integrated with the Core Back-Office and CreditLine Plus, for compliance. You can find out more about Open Renewals Portal here.
An extension of the word-processing capability of the Core system that lets you use Microsoft Word® to create one-off documents, emails and templates. You can find out more about Open Word here.
Software that automatically converts personal lines business from prospect to ‘live’ and transfers data to the Back-Office without any manual intervention. You can find more information about Open Workflow Manager here.
Market-leading quotation engines for motor, home, commercial vehicle and bike risks, with an improved user interface that transforms the Back-Office into an intuitive point-and-click style system.
A commercial register tool that enables you to create professional register presentations using Microsoft Word®.
A fully integrated SME trading platform that simplifies the full cycle process for commercial risks, offering comparative quotes from multiple insurance providers. To find out more about this, visit the PowerPlace website.

A fully integrated solution for both Core Back-Office and the Powerplace platform. Powerplace Complex gives you access to a library of commercial questions, in a structured data capture form, to aid the production of a risk register and supplement with your own specific question set. To find out more about this, visit the Powerplace website.

This fully integrated module makes the electronic trading of selected premium credit facilities available as part of your data capture, quotation and sales process. To find out more about Premium Finance Software, click here.
A range of system enhancements that will assist with your compliance procedures. You can find out more information about the Regulation Module here.
This advanced communications solution provides integrated functionality to send text messages. Find out more about SMS Text Messaging here.
A cost-effective solution that allows you to perform look-ups on DVLA data, held by Carweb. Information can be automatically retrieved via the Open GI Ireland system or your website. You can find out more about Vehicle Look-Up here.

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