Active Quote for Core

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Create rules to meet your specific needs

With Active Quote for Core, you can create rules that are specific to your target market and insurer agreements. By applying specialist broker knowledge to the purchasing process, your staff will no longer have to spend valuable time manually sourcing ‘off screen’ rates.

This is how Active Quote for Core works

Active Quote for Core

Product information

  • Using Open GI’s personal quote engines, you can quickly and easily create rules with the fully integrated rules editor.
  • Functionality can be switched on or off instantly.
  • Specific ‘off screen’ loads and discounts can be applied.
  • An audit trail of all rules is recorded against the individual policy in the Core System.
  • Only authorised staff can make amendments using a secure rules editor.
  • Instant pricing flexibility and an automated quote process for special deals saves time and money, while improving overall service and maximising quote conversions.
  • Tighter pricing control maintains underwriting integrity and allows you to exploit your specialist knowledge.
  • Better management information means you can forecast results more effectively and secure new schemes.

Minimum requirements

Active Quote for Core is not subject to any software version dependencies.