Open Document Download

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Save time as you streamline your admin processes

With Open Document Download, you can email your clients to request outstanding documents, which are then uploaded securely with full integration to your Core Back-Office. Documents are automatically downloaded into Open Attach with a corresponding diary note to streamline your administrative processes.

Product information

  • Branded email notifications alert customers that documentation has been requested.
  • Client registration and access is secured via a password, their email address and a unique piece of client information.
  • Files are automatically downloaded into Open Attach for secure storage against the client/policy with a corresponding diary note.
  • Clients are also able to upload non-requested files like claims forms.
  • Saves time by streamlining the validation of documentation received from customers.
  • Helps you work towards a paperless environment.
  • Drives significant workflow efficiencies by easily sending clients email notification for outstanding documents.
  • Fully secure and protected.

Minimum requirements

Open Document Download is subject to the following software version dependencies: