Open Payment Portal

Open Payment Portal2017-09-25T13:02:46+00:00

Secure option for clients to make online policy payments

With Open Payment Portal, your clients can make policy payments online via a secure portal. The portal is built directly into your Core Back-Office workflow so any transaction records are automatically updated once payments are made.

Product information

  • Integration into your Core Back-Office workflow for simple notification of payments due.
  • Clear indication of those policies that have outstanding payments once the client accesses the portal.
  • Details of the nature of the payment request can supplement the transaction in order to provide further information for the client.
  • Secure payment facility available for clients to make a card payment.
  • Clients are able to pay for multiple transactions with a single payment.
  • Systemic updates of transactions in the Core Back-Office once payments have been made online, include notification diary notes.
  • Reduced manual interaction when administering payments.
  • Integrated into Core Back-Office workflow to assist debt collection.
  • Assistance with compliance over the recording of client card details.
  • Automated diary entries to confirm payments made via the online portal.
  • Client visibility of payments made via the secure online portal.

Minimum requirements

Open Payment Portal is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 15.40A/0
  • Integration Products 5.4.0/1
  • OINCC 1.00Q