Open Renewals Portal

Open Renewals Portal2017-09-25T13:03:38+00:00

Lets your clients renew their policies online

Invite your clients to renew their policies online quickly and simply.

They can renew on a like-for-like basis with their current insurer on home, motor, Open Trader, truck and scheme-based product lines. Open Renewals Portal is also fully integrated with the Core Back-Office.

View the demo to see how simple Open Renewals Portal is to use

Product information

  • The portal is fully customised to your corporate branding.
  • Automatically generates targeted email communications to invite customers to renew their policies online.
  • The policyholder’s unique details are used so they can securely confirm acceptance of the invited renewal terms.
  • Offers secure and convenient payment options.
  • A secure, branded and user-friendly site that will improve your customers’ experience.
  • Clients can be automatically reminded about their policy and can renew and pay online, driving major efficiencies and productivity savings for your business.
  • A convenient client-focused facility that will foster greater customer satisfaction and retention.

Minimum requirements

Open Renewals Portal is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 14.00A or above
  • APM 7.00A or above
  • Utility 4.00A or above
  • Mist Lib 2.02B or above
  • System 2.88A Ext.40 or above