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Complete control over your document production

Open Attach makes it easy for you to attach any files (including Open GI and Microsoft® family documents) to a prospect, client or policy record within the Open GI Core system.

Documents can then be stored within a secure electronic ‘vault’ that locks them against editing and deletion, so you can manage your files to meet regulatory requirements. It’s all done through a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly open related files and documents, with advanced filtering to make document searches easier.

This is how Open Attach works


Product screenshots

Open Attach Main Screen

Open Attach Main Screen

Open Attach File Menu
Open Attach File Menu

Product information

  • Documents and files can be stored against client or prospect records.
  • Documents are kept secure in the electronic vault, which is integrated with Windows® security features.
  • Eliminates the possibility of documents being delayed through filing or lost.
  • Improved audit trails with more detail at hand in the event of a claim.
  • Securely store, manage and organise documents – simplifying records, eliminating hard copy files and providing staff with easy access from their desktops.
  • With less reliance on paper files, you’ll save on stationery costs while supporting your environmental policies.
  • Reduce the time spent searching through filing for hard copies.
  • Staff can refer to files while they’re on the phone and send them securely.

Minimum requirements

Open Attach is subject to the following software version dependencies.

  • Core 12.00 Ext.8 or above

  • APM 5.00G or above

  • Utility 2.12F or above

  • Mist Lib x2.00B or above

  • System x2.85A/0 or above

  • Microsoft Office® 2007 or above

  • Microsoft Windows® Microsoft Vista