Open Print Manager

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Save time, money and hassle

Open Print Manager lets you save the valuable time that people spend at a printer organising documents for distribution – and drastically reduces your print costs too.

The software collects printouts of back-office and front-office documents and converts them to PDF for emailing and saving to Open Attach. Anyone can easily manage these as a collection of related documents in a single view. It’s ideal for busy periods like renewals and month end, as there’s no need to print and collect individual documents.

View the demo to see how simple Open Print Manager is to use

Product information

  • Queues documents in priority order, making it possible to batch print or email.
  • Provides a flexible user interface to monitor and maintain documents in the print queue and perform additional actions.
  • Documents including month end renewals, reports, new business files, proposals, cover notes, letters and invoices can all be printed, emailed or saved to Open Attach quickly and easily.
  • Sending documents by email significantly reduces print and postage costs.
  • Allows documents to be printed in a pre-defined order with the flexibility of adding, removing and viewing documents in the print queue.
  • Customers get their documents faster for improved customer service.

Minimum requirements

Open Print Manager is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 13.20A/2 or above

  • APM 6.20C or above

  • Utility 3.20C or above

  • Mist Lib 2.02B or above

  • System 2.86A Ext.57 or above

  • Brokerlink 3.50D/20 or above

  • TruckWriter 5.00G or above

  • BikeWriter 5.00A or above

  • HomeWriter EDI 7.01N or above

  • Open GI processor with Ethernet installed and each PC networked to the processor