Easily create first-rate register presentations

With Open-R, you can quickly and easily create outstanding register presentations using Microsoft Word® templates. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to add extra elements like coloured text, logos and images to give your presentation that professional look.

This is how Open-R works


Product screenshot

Open-R Register Screen
Open-R Register Screen

Product information

  • An easy to use interface and register editor.
  • Documents and whole policies can be included using simple check boxes.
  • You can set up and save templates for different presentation needs.
  • Insert Word documents, spreadsheets, images and graphs.
  • Presentations can be stored and saved to specific client records via Open Attach.
  • Saves time and effort whenever you need to create a commercial register.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any Microsoft Office® generated documents.
  • Pre-configured preambles, headers and footers can be easily added, removed or amended in the templates.
  • Adaptable for creating insurer, client, broker and third-party presentations.

Minimum requirements

Open-R is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • CORE 12.00 Ext.8 or above

  • APM 5.00G or above

  • Utility 2.12F or above

  • Mist Lib x2.00B or above

  • System x2.85A/0 or above

  • Microsoft Office® Vista