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Microsoft Word® functionality – tailored to your needs

Open Word is a powerful extension to Microsoft Word® that makes it possible for you to create one-off documents and templates. It also works with the existing word processing facility within the Core system, so templates and documents from both Word and the Open GI word processing facility are available to use at any time.

What’s more, full integration with the Back-Office means that users can extract client and policy data using keywords. It all adds up to a speedier production process – and less chance of user error.

View the demo to see how simple Open Word is to use

This is how Open Word works


Product information

  • Professional document presentation to customers.
  • Seamless integration with client and prospect management packages.
  • Automatic population of document with keywords.
  • Includes over 40 standard templates that can be created independently, drastically reducing administration time.
  • All the familiarity and functions of Microsoft Word® plus full integration with the Open GI Core Back-Office.
  • Create and store templates, incorporate keywords and fully integrate with client and prospect management packages.
  • Easy and rapid document creation with less re-keying required.
  • All diary entry and printing processes are unchanged.

Minimum requirements

Open Word is subject to the following software version dependencies:

  • Core 12.00 Ext.8 or above

  • APM 5.00G or above

  • Utility 2.12F or above

  • Mist Lib x2.00B or above

  • System x2.85A/0 or above

  • Microsoft Office® 2003 or 2007

  • Microsoft Windows® Microsoft Vista