Vehicle Index Look-Up

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Faster results and increased accuracy

Integrated with the Core Back-Office, Vehicle Look-Up means you can save time, improve accuracy and enhance your client’s customer service experience.

Vehicle Look-Up enables DVLA* data held by Carweb to be automatically retrieved via the Open GI system or your broking website.

  • Ensures all data inputted is correct for the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

View the demo to see how simple Address & Vehicle Look-Up is to use

*DVLNI in Northern Ireland

Product information

  • An easy to use and highly cost-effective solution with accurate returns.
  • Removes the need to re-key or use another system, so reducing errors.
  • Easy and rapid to use so processing is more streamlined and efficient.
  • Reduces your costs by minimising operating errors.

Minimum requirements

Address & Vehicle Look-Up is subject to the following software version dependencies:

Address Look-Up

  • Core 13.50/60 or above

  • MLS Server

  • Internet access from Linux

Vehicle Look-Up

  • MLS Server

  • Internet access from Linux