Be market ready with our powerful software solutions.

We are committed to investing in our innovative and flexible solutions, so you can drive better results right across your business – even during the most challenging market conditions.

If we look at the evolving impact of the pandemic as a prime example, we can all agree the last 12 months has been tough on businesses. The ongoing uncertainty has not only highlighted opportunities but also gaps and vulnerabilities in how you continue to meet the needs of your customers/clients. Ultimately, consumers now buy and think differently, so businesses like yours need to evolve faster than ever before.

Being able to react quickly to meet changing purchasing habits has become a real necessity for any modern broker. At the same time, protecting your business from fraud is a key consideration. We completely understand these concerns and are here to help.

How? We have two great product options that can not only support you in this capacity, but they can also aid the transformation of your product management capability.

Our IHP Plus solution is suited to insurers and MGAs who want a product creation and distribution tool for all general insurance lines of business. If, however, you’re a broker or MGA with delegated authority who is short of real-time control of product creation and management, then Ratings will be the one for you.

Both solutions pack a powerful set of features that can:

  • Reduce your distribution costs – IHP Plus can integrate with all software houses, meaning a single product build has the potential to reach all UK brokers.
  • Enable dynamic enrichment at point of quote and flexible integrationseach solution is business line agnostic and can use either your own or third-party data.
  • Combat fraud in real time and minimise any impact on underwriting performance – our quote manipulation options help you to easily identify and mitigate fraud. By setting rules around suspicious behaviour, you can significantly improve the detection of any manipulated quotes and then decline or rate accordingly.
  • Easily build, amend, and control all your products, across all business lines – with the added convenience of managing these all in one place too.
  • Test, learn, and deploy rate changes in real time – become more market savvy and remain competitive, at no extra cost!

More info?

Please contact your Regional Manager – Ireland, Robert Fitzsimons, to find out how IHP Plus or Ratings can transform your business.

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