Meet Jenny – the faster way to resolve your support queries

To continue giving you the best customer support possible, we launched a new virtual assistant called Jenny this summer.

If you haven’t got around to using our new chatbot just yet, why not give Jenny another chance? Not only will you get the support you need, from the latest member of our Customer Support team, but it will be fast and hassle-free too.

We’ve received some great comments since launching our Jenny bot, and your feedback has helped us make further improvements. Jenny is now even more intuitive and easier for you to use – so thank you!

How does Jenny work?

Jenny is on hand to help you get instant answers to your common support queries. She learns from the responses provided and refines her answers as she collects more data.  For this reason, please rate Jenny’s answers using a thumbs up or down, so Jenny can continue to learn and expand her knowledge.

If Jenny’s answer doesn’t help your query, she will then raise a ticket for you with our Service Desk. A Customer Support colleague will contact you to progress your request.

For a quick tour of how to get support from Jenny, why not watch our short video.

As always, we’re on hand to ensure your support queries are dealt with efficiently and effectively. So please get in touch if you need further help in logging a ticket or would like a Customer Support colleague to run through how to do this.

Please contact the Customer Support team

for more information on

01905 754444