For financial year ending 31 May 2022

This Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 with respect to the financial year ending 31 May 2022 and is approved by Open GI’s Chief Officers. The statement sets out the steps taken by Open GI Limited and other relevant group companies during this financial year to prevent slavery and human trafficking within its business or supply chains.


Open GI continues to be one of the leading technology partners to general insurance brokers in the UK and Irish markets with a strong track record of innovation. Today, the Group employs around 465 people across several locations, in the UK and in Central Europe.

As part of our culture of good governance and good business practice, Open GI is committed to opposing modern slavery and human trafficking in any form and preventing this by whatever means we can. We have a zero-tolerance approach to the exploitation of individuals and any offences covered by the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Supply chains

Most Open GI’s operations are UK based, and we source goods and services from predominantly UK-based suppliers whose supply chains extend globally. In addition to this, we have three software development centres in Krakow, Poland, Skopje, Northern Macedonia, and Lake Ohrid, Northern Macedonia which use a limited number of supply chains for goods and services necessary to operate these offices.

Given the nature of the Group’s business (the development and sale of software), most supplies tend to be of tools and services that enable these activities, such as the hardware on which our developers work and third-party software to enhance our operations. We also procure services and supplies to ensure that the premises that we own, or rent, are fully operational.

We acknowledge that no supply chain can be considered entirely free from the potential for slavery or human trafficking to occur and we therefore continue to assess potential high-risk areas. We take appropriate action where necessary to have confidence that we are only working with suppliers who share our zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking.


Open GI continues its commitment to raise awareness of the existence of modern slavery and human trafficking, and this remains a mandatory part of our onboarding process for new employees. We ensure that this awareness is refreshed regularly during an employee’s career with Open GI, and it forms an integral part of ESG agenda, and our ethos of supporting equality and diversity in all our employment practices. Our HR policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they not only remain compliant with relevant legislation, but they also reflect best practice, which includes making sure that they mitigate the potential risk of slavery and human trafficking in employment or within our supply chain.

Open GI fosters a culture of openness and transparency and considers itself a safe place for its employees to raise concerns and report issues. As part of this commitment, we also maintain a whistleblowing policy, which includes a dedicated email address and an anonymous hotline. This provides another channel for employees to report any modern slavery or human trafficking concerns related to Open GI’s direct activities or those of its supply chain.

Charlie Ralph

Chief Financial Officer