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Our frontline support team is here to help you with any system query, as well as offering valuable advice and guidance so you get the best from your Open GI Ireland system. You can contact them via the Open GI online support site 24-hours a day.

For dedicated frontline application and hardware support, contact our Open GI technical specialists.
We do whatever it takes to keep your system fully functional and operating at maximum performance. Our team delivers installation, upgrades and on-site maintenance and repair, all backed by agreed support levels from technology partners.
Our specialist teams can solve issues remotely, providing system support and upgrades straight to your desktop.
If you’d like to outsource the administration of your IT system, our Enhanced Support package has been designed to meet your needs. It includes daily system monitoring, release management and extended support, carried out by a dedicated contact who understands your business.
If you need extra Back-Office resilience, Core High Availability brings you real peace of mind. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, a second server will take over the workload, allowing your business to continue trading within a matter of minutes.
This solution backs up your Core Back-Office to a network repository, removing any manual intervention. You can also stream data to a secondary server to provide complete disaster recovery.
We can provide guaranteed hardware replacement within pre-planned timescales, including emergency engineers on site and instant data restoration.
Our Consultancy and Training teams are always available to help you stay up-to-date with the latest software developments and improve your system efficiency.