Hi and welcome to the summer edition of Covered

The last three months for us at Open GI have been extremely busy. As ‘normal’ life will resume within the next couple of weeks, I hope you, your families and businesses are thriving and well.

Our teams are looking forward to returning to our offices later on this year. Our goal is to introduce a hybrid way of working for our teams so we can continue to collaborate more and support your business needs. As and when we finalise our specific ‘return to the office’ plans we will be in touch.

Celebrating our changes

We have recently marked two big anniversaries here at OGI, one our refreshed brand and two, our cultural values.

Back in November 2020, we unveiled our new look and feel, which incredibly was over 6 months ago now. Our brand signifies our promise to you, and it also underpins the changes we have made at OGI. 

Our values: InnovationTeamworkAccountabilityTrust are at the heart of what we do, and we are passionate about what the values mean across the entire OGI family. They have been built to ensure, that as a software partner, we live by these values when we support all our customers. Over the last 12 months, our values have generated a positive cultural shift within OGI – which I am very proud of.

Collaborating together

There are currently so many great collaborations taking place now too. With an ever-more virtual world on the horizon, we are seeing a greater need to support the insurance industry by contributing more to their digital transformation journeys. A few of those great partnerships can be found in our newsroom.

In this edition of Covered, we have a few articles aimed at providing guidance and information on topics such as digitally transforming your business, understanding machine learning, and the steps to think about when acquiring a new business from a tech perspective. We would very much welcome feedback, as we are keen to provide more content to help benefit your technology strategies.

Our next edition of Covered will be in the early autumn, so let me take this opportunity to wish you a lovely summer and if you have a staycation planned – then enjoy!
Simon Badley

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