It’s been just over 18 months since we launched Covered, and a lot has changed here at Open GI. As we said in our first edition, everyone here at Open GI is committed to supporting all customers and the entire insurance sector – a pledge we are firmly committed to in light of today’s challenging times.

We will continue to push forward to close the remaining deliverables (12 out of 19 ‘must haves’ already delivered), as well as any new developments. Additionally, we are also looking at further opportunities to grow in the Irish market and the work completed to date gives a firm foundation upon which we can grow. Thank you for your continued support.

All of the content in this edition is well worth a read. Our stories have been penned and put together to offer you optimum support and guidance. If I were to select a few articles that you should start with, I would definitely recommend watching MLP’s webinar on Achieving Bottom-Line Growth From Data Science or reading our Chief Product Officer, Ben Legg’s interview with Bobsguide.

Real-time customer support

Earlier this year, we launched our customer support virtual assistant – Jenny. You may have used our chatbot service already, and we have received a number of compliments about the support Jenny provides. If you haven’t utilised the real-time support service Jenny yet, then read our article to find out more.

The nights are getting darker and a little colder, so I hope everyone is well. Covered will land in your inboxes in 2023 so let me take this moment to wish you a happy and healthy festive season.

Best wishes,

Simon Badley

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