Extend your reach with price comparison website integrations

You’re in business because you know how to find the best possible insurance products for your clients at the right price.

However, this doesn’t stop your clients from shopping around.

In today’s world, with access to insurance products in our pockets, one of the first ports of call for many consumers is a visit to a price comparison website. If you want to be present when your clients (and your competitors clients!) head to the aggregators, you can make use of our online distribution application.

With multiple lines of business available including Car, Residential Property, Commercial Vehicle, Motorbike and SME, you’ll be connected to the leading price comparison sites in no time at all and will be able to offer quotes 24/7, 365 days a year.

Lady carrying shopping bags - Distribution

Key benefits

• Choose the sites you want to use and control your level of exposure with your preferred aggregators.
• Place large volumes of quotes across several standard and niche schemes.
• Give an improved client experience as the client travels directly to your website – improving the accuracy of quote conversions and helping you efficiently secure new business.

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