Supplementary sales and product terms – Third party software

TP software support: Support on third-party software covers restoration to original configuration from operating system state and/or fault diagnosis, excludes product upgrades and any form of ‘how to use’, i.e. support is effectively about ensuring correct configuration of the third party software to work/integrate with the Open GI application.

SQL Versions: InfoCentre Plus requires Microsoft SQL Server and is subject to Microsoft licenses which will be discussed at site survey.  The following platforms are supported: – Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2008 R2 Express, Standard or Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit). Microsoft SQL Server Express can be installed on Windows, Vista Business, Server 2003 or Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2. Microsoft  SQL Server Express limits the SQL database size to 10GB, 1 Processor and 2GB RAM. Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise must be installed on Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2. If exposing SQL data to the web, a per-processor licence of Microsoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise is required. Use of non-Open GI database on a Microsoft SQL Server hosting InfoCentre Plus is not advisable, performance in such scenarios cannot be guaranteed. Open GI reserve the right to charge on a time and materials basis for fault investigation / resolution should it be proven that the root cause be due to lack of adequate SQL Server capacity.

Sophos Subsciptions: The Sophos Web Protection, Email Protection and Sophos Network protection subscriptions are valid for the period as specified in the contract. At the end of the subscription period the customer will need to purchase a renewal of the subscription to allow continued use of licenced features. If the customer chooses not to renew, the licenced features are automatically disabled at the end of the term. For Example, Network Protection Subscription enables Site-to-Site VPN capability, and would cause site-to-site connectivity to be lost if for any reason the subscription lapses.

Microsoft Office – Upgrading: For any client upgrading Microsoft Office, you will need to ensure you evaluate any existing Open GI templates used by the business before upgrading. Even though Open GI tests against the latest versions, template rendering can be dramatically affected by changes to Microsoft programming, default fonts, font sizes, line spacing, headers and footers. This can also include changes to the (default) template, which controls new documents. These Microsoft changes are outside the control of Open GI and will not be performed on behalf of the client under support.

VPN remote connection speeds: Open GI is unable to guarantee performance of the remote connection which is inherently dependent on the speed of the client’s internet connections at both sites. The speed of the connection can depend on a number of factors including the reliability of the internet service, contention between subscribers, and other network usage within the client’s offices. The client may need to consider upgrading the speed of their internet connection if they are not satisfied with performance, or seek advice from their ISP to ensure their existing connection meets their business needs. The consultant or engineer may be able to provide further advice at the site survey stage.

Office 2021 Minimum Requirements. System: 1.6 GHz or faster 2-Core processor, 2 GB RAM (32-bit), 16.0 gigabytes (GB) available disk space, 1280 x 800 or higher resolution monitor. Operating System: Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows Server 2019.

Backup Solution – Third Party Software Environment Support: This Support fee includes ongoing support and software updates from the Veeam software vendor. Support is limited to a maximum period of 5 Years.

Service Charges and Estimates: Any estimate of service charges provided by Open GI, is created to the best of the ability of the Open GI Consultant using the most accurate information available to hand, and is based on:

  1. Information provided by the customer detailing their IT requirements.
  2. Estimates of the current data usage and forecasted growth.
  3. Estimates based on typical customer usage of this type of solution.
  4. The pricing provided by the Microsoft online calculator tool.

The estimate provided is based on the customer’s data usage and requirements today and that as the business grows, new users are added or more data is stored these costs can increase.  The actual cost of the service can vary based on individual usage of the solution and the estimate provided is not guaranteed. The customer is responsible for the ongoing service fees associated with the Azure subscription and the total monthly rate could be more, or less than, this estimate.