Supplementary Sales and Product Terms – V Digital Solutions

Digital Services

eTraining is conducted using the Mobius or V7 interface dependent on the content being delivered and the Client’s system configuration which will be ascertained/agreed beforehand. It requires access to the internet via a broadband connection and also telephone access using a headset. It is desirable that the delegate is situated in an environment conducive to training. Delegates need to ensure they have registered for the session in advance using the information provided by the Training Department. Delegates must also ensure they are logged onto the session 10 minutes before the agreed commencement time. Late access to the course will not be permitted and no refund in this instance would be provided. Full access instructions will be provided when the course date and time have been confirmed by the Training Department. Open GI recommends no more than 2 delegates from each broker site attend an eTraining session at any one time. We reserve the right to remove any disruptive delegates from the eTraining course, with the session then deemed as delivered and charged in full.

Digital Products

Reword to Digital Elements: The provision of Digital Elements does not imply the agreement of the relevant insurers and/or wholesalers to offer their products via the Internet. It is the responsibility of the contracting client to obtain the written authorisation of their insurer / wholesale partners before making any of their products available in this way.

Test Enviroment: For all Digital developments, a training/test Enviroment must be in place or must be contracted for if not in existence. The training/test enviroment must be installed and configured prior to deployment of a Digital development. Delays in delivery will occur where this has not taken place.

Digital Fact Sheets: Order Forms for Digital Developments can only be accepted with a signed and dated Product Fact Sheet.

MI Builder: The SQL reporting server will only allow read only access to the data form the Policy Admin System. Reporting can be performed by Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Studio provided.

Data Enrichment Where Enrichment is provided by 3rd Party software, Open gi cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies of data retrieved.

Advanced Vehicle Lookup Open GI cannot be held responsible for valuation details provided by the Advanced Vehicle Lookup facility, brokers must make their clients aware that the valuation is market based and needs to be verified by the client.

Digital Fact Sheets: Order Forms that include digital solutions can only be accepted with a signed and dated Product Fact Sheet. Where the Order Form contains Post Order Specification completion days, the facts sheets do not need to be returned with the Order Form.

If a product is to be built using C# then candidates must have a good knowledge and understanding of C#.

Open GI will add analytics for internal purposes, which is not directly shared with the broker Client. It will meet required data protection and compliance guidelines regarding cookies and similar technologies.

Digital Analytics: Digital Analytics is compatible with Digital Elements sites only.