Open GI technology supports Plum Underwriting and Flood Re partnership

Open GI has broadened its partnership with Plum Underwriting, by supporting its new enhanced household cover, with Flood Re, for UK brokers.

Flooded houses

This latest development centres around flood data and, by utilising Open GI’s technology coupled with data enrichment, it will provide Plum with the potential to code risks in areas that would have been hard to offer cover. Brokers who are working with clients in areas that are in exposed flood areas now have an opportunity to offer insurance cover.

Open GI are the first technology partner to offer this new functionality for brokers.

Commenting on the development, David Whitaker, Managing Director of Plum Underwriting, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with Open GI and Flood Re to advance the technology around Insurer Hosted Pricing and support our strategy to serve our brokers and customers finding it difficult to obtain flood cover. We’re excited to see the opportunities this brings and look forward to working in partnership to further develop our automated specialist home insurance capabilities.”

“This is a fantastic development for the GI market,” said Simon Badley, Group Chief Executive Officer, Open GI. “We are pleased to be able to support this particular proposition with our connectivity expertise. This new offering will provide a more informed view of flood risks for both brokers and underwriters that they may have previously been reluctant to take on – but with technology we can enable this to happen.”

 A Flood Re spokesperson said: “Being able to support Plum Underwriting and expand our offering within the GI market is another step forward. Climate change brings a number of challenges and by working together, which this partnership demonstrates, we are able to offer products that will support our customers and provide them with better protection.”